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Tips On Sending Photos To Fantasy Fairy Photos

Photo Submission Tips

We get a lot of photo submissions that sometimes just wont work out for what people are asking for. We wanted to write up a guide to make it easier for you guys to know just how much magic we can create.

Resolution and Size matter!!!

image resolution

First thing is first, Do you plan on printing your image? If so, then your image needs to be large enough for us to create a printable piece. Not every one understands mega pixels or resolution so let me explain a little bit. When you take a photo from your camera whether its your smartphone or your snap & shoot, those are usually 300 dpi; DSLR cameras are 480 or sometimes even more. We need it to be very close to 300 or higher to get a good quality print. 5 mega pixel cameras should be a good start.(which now a days smart phones from 2011 or newer are usually that or better. iPhones are 8mp) If you download any image from the internet like Facebook, its only going to be 72 dpi and will only be good enough to print out a wallet size image or maybe a 4×6 at best. Now, if all you have is a poor quality image but you totally love it, we might still be able to work with it. Most likely we will turn it into a faux oil painting so it blends better. A lot of our designs are this way and our clients still like them, sometimes even request them with hi resolution images so that they can print them on a canvas. If you do not plan on printing, but just getting a digital copy to share online… then you are all good and most images will do.

You want to be a mermaid?


Hello!?! Mermaids don’t wear shirts!! Be smart about what you are wearing. We NEVER place your head on some one else’s body. Sometimes we might add a dress or change your clothes to look more fairy like but with mermaids…. skin is skin. The best way to do this is wear a bra or a bikini top. If you are a bit insecure about your tummy roll, no worries, we’ll air brush you at no extra charge and give you a flat belly, but we have to have some skin to work with. We can add sea shells or long flowing hair to cover you, but dress ( or undress ) like a mermaid.

Pay attention to LIGHT!


Pay attention to shadows, especially on your face. Lighting is very important! Outside light works the best and never between 11- 2. If you are having to squint to be out side then its not the right time. Mornings and late afternoons are the best. Flash is not always needed. Take a few photos one with no flash and one on “auto” If your camera has a setting for portraits use that. If you notice that your photos are coming out blurry, then you need more light, if this is the case you can also use the “action” mode on the camera; it usually looks like a little guy running.

Sometimes we find old photos on our computer or phone and we dont know where they came from but would like to use them. Check the size of the image. If an image is under 200 kb, well that will be tough for us with it being so small… if its under 100kb…. it will definitely be a painting and there will be hardly any details in the face. You can see the size of an image by right clicking on it on your computer and choosing properties or attaching it to an email.

Have fun!! Take a buch of photos and dress up. Dressing up is not just for kids! The best images are the ones that are thought out first. The ones that people take with the intentions of turning into fantasy photos. Put on all of your costume jewelry, place a necklace over your head and lets call it a crown, rip up an old T-shirt and make a fairy costume with it! Have fun… pretend… tell a story with your images and let us make them come to life!

We love creating art for you… we want you to be inspired…. feel sexy, beautiful and magical when you take these photos! Don’t worry about flaws… there wont be any when we are done.