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Fantasy Fairy Photos Frequently Asked Questions

* How does this work?

We have two options, you can either take a photo and email it to us or if you live near Florida’s Gulf Coast, we can take the photos for you. Once the photo is chosen that you would like to use, you decide what you want your finished piece to look like. Mermaids, fairies, succubus, or maybe just retouching? You then either choose a template or custom.

* How much does this cost?

You can see our prices HERE. Depending on what you would like and what your needs are. Our prices are very reasonable and start at only $15.

* What if I don’t want a print?

There is no obligation to get a print if you would only like to share it online. We offer discounted prices for “online only”

* Why do I have to get the “Print Anywhere” option? Couldn’t I just take my “online only” and print anyways?

There are two reasons why you can’t. First reason, resolution. Our “online only” designs are 72dpi, which means they are meant to be viewed on monitors or on cell phones. If you were to try to print this out it would come out very pixelated. Reason number two, if you thought to go to a print shop and print one of our pieces, they would ask you for a release form since artwork is copyright materials. This release form is provided with the “Print Anywhere” package. Also, if you would like to know more about copyright laws you can click HERE