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What should I wear for a Fairy Shoot?

One of the most frequent questions or concerns that we get from customers are, “What should I wear?” or “I don’t have costumes” our reply is always “Fantasy costumes can be made of anything!!” I have several boards on Pinterest that include fairy costumes, photo props, DIY jewelry, etc. I’m sharing my personal boards so you will also see some stuff for recipes, fashion and home decor. I think that when our customers look through the gallery and see elaborate costumes, they don’t realize how much is painted on. Im going to touch base on anything you can think of as far as costumes for a fantasy style shoot.

Gift Certificates Available!

last minute gift idea Ok so you have tons of people to shop for and just not enough time, well how about a totally unique, custom, personalized piece of art? Any of our services can be gifted with a pre paid certificate. You pick the amount that you would like to spend on Gifts for Women, we email you a download link for the certificate which you can print at a shop on photo paper or at home on your personal printer and you are all set. Our certificates never expire so your friends and family can take their time with photos and deciding what kind of art they would like. They also have the option of upgrade to any service we provide. The process after that is quite simple: They have a blast taking some great photos, they pick out their favorite ones, then they email us the photos, we discuss what kind of art they would like and how they would like to have it printed and then they get their art in less than 2 weeks and tell you what an amazing gift you gave them! This is great for kids, couples, adults, grandparents, you name it! What kid wouldn’t love to have a personalized fairytale book with them as the main star? We also offer bundles that even include costumes and if you live near Florida’s Gulf Coast, you can even have us take your photos for you! Contact us today for more info !! You can see a full list of our prices HERE or even take it a step further with a complete package or bundle 458692801 553569727